We are

…..an Austrian event company und the first address for unforgettable incentives, trainings and corporate events.Managing director Andreas Maxones has been working for over nineteen years with international and national companies and businesses, managers, teams, tourism infrastructures, unions, organizations, world athletes, artists, film- and media as well as diplomats and embassies from all over the world.We are offering long standing experience as well as security, professional organization and implementation.

our goals

After time passes, we might forget some of our adventures but others are edged in our memories.The events of “austriancentive” create emotions, that will stay with you forever.

how we work?

We are responsible for all phases of a projects. We consult,do the research, design a concept, calculate a budget, develop, plan, organize, brief, send out invitations, book, supervise, broker, communicate, coordinate, build, secure, bill and shuttle. Everything from one source- through us.

where we work?

Our team looks forward to welcome you in all of Austria! Our members also operate in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Holland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, South Africa, Costa Rica and USA.

ask us….

You send us a request. We will answer your email promptly with ideas and pricing for you to consider. You are interested? We are looking forward to advise you and hear your reply! We will send you a detailed quotation within your budget and a confirmation. Let’s get started.